Fat Cat Lim (fatcatlim) wrote,
Fat Cat Lim

Beijing Stopover

I'm now typing this from KLIA as I'm waiting for the departure gate for Beijing to open. There's another 50 more minutes before they let us through, and I'm just passing the time here checking my email. I think I'll spend a little time practicing my writing skills now.

I'll be in Beijing for a few days to attend Helmuts wedding dinner, whom I haven't seen a long time. I haven't seen him in 5 years; I wonder how he looks now? I feel a little embarassed as the last time I left Sydney, I was 10 kgs lighter, had colored hair, and was clean shaven. Now I'm overweight, my hair is back to its natural jet black color, and I sport a goatee. I really should go back to the gym one of these days. But yeah, it's been a really long time since I last met both Helmuts and Jessie, so I'm looking forward to meet them. I'm really happy that they're finally tying the knot.

If I recall correctly, China bans LiveJournal accounts, so I thought I'd blog here in Malaysia while my address isn't blocked. If it is blocked, I'll probably update through http://gamerslitterbox.com. Well, I doubt I'll have much to blog about anyway since I'll probably be freezing my butt off there while sending off articles back home.

It's just a week away to Chinese New Year, and there's a lot of Chinese passengers milling about the departure gate, sitting and waiting for the gates to open. Some are dozing, others are engaging in conversation with their fellow passengers. When I checked in earlier, I was told that the flight was overbooked so I couldn't choose my seat. I hope I get an aisle seat. Or at least some place that will accommodate my long legs.

Two rows in front of me, there is a group of young men wearing identical-looking tracksuits with the Nike logo on their shirts and pants. I think they're local athletes though I can't really say for sure since I don't follow sports.

Earlier in the evening, my sis and mother was fussing over my flight details as they furiously sent SMSes to me reminding me to bring my passport and air ticket. Christ, I've just turned 27-years old and I've gone on so many overseas trips. Yet they're still treating me like this is my first flight going overseas. I understand that it's their way of caring for me, but at the same time I also feel greatly irritated because I feel like they don't trust me to take care of myself. Well, this isn't the first time that they've done this and I doubt that they'll ever stop doing this, so I guess I just have to be a little more patient. Or remember to shut off my mobile before I go on a flight.

I'll be back in Malaysia on Friday, so it's really a short trip. Sunday morning I'll be driving back to my hometown to join my family for the reunion dinner though frankly speaking I'd rather stay back in KL and rest.
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