Fat Cat Lim (fatcatlim) wrote,
Fat Cat Lim

Unlimited Deadline Works

I am the editor of my magazine
Paper is my body, ink is my blood
I have created over a thousand articles
Unknown to the public and unknown to my friends
Through the years ; have withstood great pain to wield many pens
Yet these hands shall never hold anything
So thus I pray : Unlimited Deadline Works

Credit goes to Ker Vin, who actually had time to come up with this.

Also, The Gamer's Litter Box is currently offline. It should come back on Monday.

P.S. Fallout 3 is a real time sink. Yesterday and the day before, I went on a game marathon for over 12 hours just playing it. Christ. And I'm planning to buy and play Princess Waltz next week. Ugh, I really wish there were more hours in a day.
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